With the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to let you know we are fully operational. Our team is currently operating within the guidelines of our business continuity plan, and some employees are working remotely when necessary. We remain available to assist you with any of your financial needs.


Why We’re Different

Simplify your life and achieve your real goals.

Having multiple financial professionals is the norm, but usually yields more promises than results.  That’s probably because they are operating with only half of your information.

…your accountant knows your tax situation.

…your wealth manager knows your investments and goals.

But do the two ever sit down with you regularly to identify and implement tax-efficient strategies?  Probably not.

You miss out on potential opportunities…and end up with more meetings, more phone calls, more paperwork,more hassles…and maybe even a bigger tax bill.

Imagine a Better Way

Wouldn’t it be better to have all your experts on the same team, so they can spend their time better helping you?

We think so.  With Fountainhead Wealth, you get financial planning, investment management, accounting, and tax preparation from a single source:

  • Less coordination time required from you
  • Better results by everyone working together
  • Fewer implementation headaches (we handle that part)
  • Over 80 years of combined experience from a cohesive, credentialed team

All for one transparent, simple fee…with unlimited support.

Focused on Achieving Your Goals

At Fountainhead Wealth, your financial plan—and all of your financial goals—drive everything we do.  That’s our measuring stick.

This keeps the focus on you and your needs, not just ticking off to do items on a list.

And with our unlimited support policy, our entire team is at your disposal for any issues that come up along the way.

More of What You Need…

  • Integrated advice including complete tax and accounting services
  • A team of experts at your service—all in one place
  • Fiduciary service—so you get true, objective advice
  • Transparent, simple fees that are easy to understand
  • Unlimited support, so you can call us without fear of a surprise bill

Less of What You Don’t

  • No product sales (we provide advice for a fee instead)
  • No ties to Wall Street companies (we’re independent)
  • No pressure, we’re here simply to help you achieve your goals
  • No hourly fees and surprise bills

Carefully Managing Your Risks

Passive and buy and hold investing gets nearly constant press, but few people mention an extremely important factor:  sequence risk.

Sequence risk, also known as sequence of returns risk, means that negative returns early on in retirement can put a huge strain on your money (versus negative returns that happen at the end of your retirement).

If you’re young, you can let your money passively rise and fall with the market.  It’s not a problem because you have plenty of time to recover.

But if you’re nearing retirement or in retirement, that’s not the case.  In fact if a bear market starts at the beginning of your retirement, it can severely handicap you going forward.  In that case, sequence risk can eat up your principal, reducing your income dramatically going forward.

That’s why at Fountainhead Wealth, we use a data-driven process to prioritize risk control. What do we do differently?

  1. We use a disciplined investment committee process, instead of having a single wealth manager invest your money. This provides increased discipline as well as important checks and balances.
  2. Our wealth managers are not here to find you the next hot stock or fund. We are focused on helping you keep what you’ve built, then building your money through conservative, consistent returns.
  3. We employ an evidence-based, data driven approach at all times when managing your money.

With Fountainhead Wealth, it all goes back to achieving your goals.  The consistency of your returns is the important thing, so we manage your risk accordingly.  While you may give up some of the upside, you’ll sleep better at night without the wild ups and downs of the “buy and hold” crowd.

Full Service Tax Preparation and Accounting

Along with providing wealth management solutions in Sacramento, we provide full service tax preparation and accounting services.

If your accounting and taxes are done separate from your wealth management, you are likely missing out on opportunities.  Especially as your net worth increases, it’s usually smarter to seek additional return from tax-efficiency instead of taking more market risk than you need to.

Most accountants don’t get involved with your investments or helping you establish retirement or health insurance plans but here at Fountainhead Wealth, our experienced accountants and enrolled agents work hand in hand with your wealth manager.  This means less hassle for you and better results through integration of all your advice.

Transparent Fees and Unlimited Support

Our focus is on your results, so we not only don’t mind a lot of calls and emails, we welcome them.  That’s why our proposals always include flat, predictable fees and unlimited support.

You’ll never get a surprise or hourly bill from us.  Instead you’ll always know how much you’re paying.