With the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to let you know we are fully operational. Our team is currently operating within the guidelines of our business continuity plan, and some employees are working remotely when necessary. We remain available to assist you with any of your financial needs.


Tax Services

Tax Services

Individual Tax Preparation in Sacramento, California

Professional tax preparation that includes tax planning can often help you save money, today and in future years.  Utilizing our expert knowledge of tax policy, Fountainhead Wealth helps you achieve immediate and long-term tax success while helping protect you from penalties and improper filing. We meet with you one-on-one to tailor our services to your specific needs.

How Tax Planning and Preparation Benefits You

Our firm is widely experienced in managing a range of tax situations. Whether you are looking for simple filing, require meticulous services for a complex set of assets, or are somewhere in-between, the professionals at Fountainhead Wealth are here to help. We help taxpayers overcome financial obstacles by accurately filing returns and helping find strategies to reduce liability.

Experienced Tax Planning in Sacramento 

Let us help you make the most of investments and retirement finances through detailed attention to your return. With our current knowledge of tax law and policy, we pair your portfolio with a strategy that maximizes your profitability. Our professionals are hands-on with your account, delivering advice that’s personalized to your goals. We can help reduce what you owe, and go the extra mile by discovering additional avenues for improved results. When preparing your assets for the next generation, we help you find a solution that reduces taxes owed.

Timely and Precise Filing 

The tax code changes frequently, requiring ongoing research into allowed deductions to optimize your return. Most people don’t have the time or knowledge to stay up to date.  Many tax professionals also don’t have time to plan upfront, which may result in lost opportunities to save money.  At Fountainhead Wealth, we always look for ways for you to take advantage of the current tax code, helping you save both time and money.  To see how we can help you improve your tax situation, contact us.

Solving your Tax Problems 

We consult with our clients on their tax issues and provide a complementary audit. Depending on the issues we find, we will offer services that can resolve the issue, or correct an improperly filed return. This benefits individuals who require an independent view of their accounts. We are skilled in discovering errors or inaccurately reported documents, which we then pair with the appropriate solution. Clients can rely on us for trustworthy assistance, restoring financial confidence and potentially reducing penalties.

  • Liens
  • Garnishment
  • Back Taxes
  • Amended Returns

Our firm is here to help individuals with their tax planning and filing in Sacramento for yearly success.

Estate and Trust Tax Preparation

Estate and trust tax preparation and planning are an important part of managing your financial future.  And it’s not just for the one percent; it’s important for everyone–especially if you have a spouse, children, or own a business.

As your trusted advisor, we help you develop an estate and trust plan that protects wealth and minimizes the tax burden on you and your loved ones.

Preserve, Protect, and Enhance Your Financial Legacy

While protecting your assets is critical to ensure financial security for your loved ones, we know that estate planning and trust tax return preparation is not easy and often requires specialized knowledge and expertise.

We understand fiduciary tax laws and are here to help you.

Our tax and accounting professionals have many years of experience helping clients just like you. We work closely with attorneys and other professionals so that we are able to develop a long-term estate plan that meets your individual needs.  We also stay current on tax law changes that affect estate and tax trust preparation.

Our estate and trust services include:

  • Ensuring that your assets are allocated to spouses, children, trusts, and charities according to your wishes
  • Periodic review of your estate plan and trust tax situation to ensure financial goals are met
  • Gift tax returns and strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Trust administration
  • Trust income tax returns
  • Estate tax returns

Don’t your loved ones deserve peace of mind?

Preparing income tax returns for trusts and estates can be complicated. If you need assistance with estate and trust tax preparation we are here to help. And if you haven’t developed an estate plan it’s not too late.