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Your Wealth Actualized

Fountainhead Wealth is a wealth management firm and the creators of the Wealth Actualization Financial Planning Process.  We work closely with clients throughout the state of California, including Sacramento, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego to create customized financial plans and portfolios designed to fulfill their life's purpose.

At Fountainhead Wealth, we redefine your success by helping you grow and protect your money to create a better life.  Through the use of our Wealth Actualized 6-Step Financial Planning Process and by attentively listening to your individual vision and values, we are able to craft a diversified and risk appropriate financial portfolio that is uniquely designed to serve you.

We invite you to look around our website to learn more about Wealth Actualization, our exclusive financial planning approach that connects your wealth to the realization of your life's work.


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Advisor Profiles

Garrett R. Morgan, CFP®
Garrett R. Morgan, CFP®
President & CEO
Adam Kim
Adam Kim
Vice President & CIO
Marc Bacsafra, MS, CFP®
Marc Bacsafra, MS, CFP®
Vice President & COO



Contact Information

Northern California
1860 Howe Ave., Suite 106
Sacramento, CA 95825

Silicon Valley
4340 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 112
San Jose, CA 95129

Central Valley
516 W Shaw Ave., Suite 200
Fresno, CA 93704


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